Civil Defense 38 Special


Recall on Civil Defense 38 Special

Lots 532 and 533 only

You can find out which lot your box is, by looking at the inside cover flap. The last three numbers determine the production lot.

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Civil Defense 38 Special

Weight: 50gr

Velocity: 1500 FPS

Kinetic Energy: 250 FPE

Accuracy: < 1″ @ 25 Meters

Terminal Effect: 2 ½ “W x 12” D

Rounds: 20 per box


How does the Civil Defense 38 Special compare with other rounds?

Safe in antiques and specialty revolvers

28-44% Less recoil than standard 38 Special defense rounds

We have redesigned the Civil Defense 38 Special to reliably fragment out of 2 inch barrels.

Our projectiles function differently than any other self-defense round on the market. We designed the Civil Defense line to eliminate threats with one round. We did this by creating the maximum amount of damage and tissue disruption possible. They do well against barriers, but when the large cavity fills with fluid, the hydraulic pressure builds until the side walls of the projectile explode. With that explosion comes rifle sized temporary cavities and hydrostatic shock, therefore increasing stopping power by tenfold. Following the explosion, the bullet fragments into a starburst shaped pattern creating multiple wound channels.

This process also benefits in many other areas across the spectrum of things considered when talking about self-defense. Such as reduced over penetration and lessening the risk of unintended casualties. Having a lighter projectile also leads to less muzzle flip for faster follow up shots.

Where can I purchase Civil Defense 38 Special rounds for myself?

Check out our Retail Locator page:

All you need to do is type in your zip code or go to your city, to see every shop in your area that sells our ammo.