Lever-Action Rifle



FightLite Industries Model 2024 Herring Lever-Action Rifle

Lever-Action Rifle  FightLite Industries has introduced a new model that answers the modernized lever-action rifle question with a fresh take. Instead of trying to make a classic 19th-century lever gun design more like an AR-15, this company started with the AR-15 platform and modified it just enough to convert it into a lever gun.

The Model 2024 Herring carbine’s lower receiver is based on the company’s Sport-Configurable Rifle (SCR) receiver. The Herring blends a fixed synthetic sporting shoulder stock, cross-bolt safety button and lever loop with an AR-15 style magazine well and magazine release. The pivot and takedown pins allow the lower and upper receiver assemblies to swing open or separate in typical AR-15 fashion. The lower is compatible with other mil-spec upper assemblies.

The modified bolt-carrier group utilizes an off-the-shelf rotating bolt, which makes it easy to swap out bolts and convert the rifle to other calibers. The upper-receiver group is loaded with typical AR-15 features but no direct gas impingement system is needed in this manually-operated action. The first model of the American-made Herring series will sport a 16.25″ barrel chambered in 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem. MSRP: $1,300.