Remington Lead Game Loads 20 Gauge 7/8 oz 2.75″



The Remington Lead Game Load line of shotshells represents one of the broadest selections available in game-specific shotshells. These shells are ideal for a wide variety of upland bird hunting applications and they come in sizes ranging from 12-gauge to .410 bore. Not only do the shells in the Remington Lead Game Load line of shotshells come in a variety of gauge sizes but they are loaded with pellets of varying size as well – from #BB to #9. In short these shells are the only shells you’ll need for hunting everything from quail to predatory birds. What more could you need?

Gauge:20Number of Rounds:25Shotgun Shell Length:2 3/4 inMuzzle Velocity:1225 ft/sShotgun Shot Weight:7/8 ozShot Material:LeadPrimer Location:CenterfireApplication:UplandCartridge Case Material:Plastic, Brass Plated Steel